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GANalyze: Toward visual definitions of cognitive image properties

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Get the Picture? Goodness of Image Organization Contributes to Image Memorability


Image memorability across longer time intervals



2017| Methods of Scientific Research, Part Two
* I cosupervised a group of students working on a presentation assignment.

2016-present| Master’s thesis
* I supervise Master’s students working on their thesis projects.

2015-present| Functieleer, deel 1
* I am a teaching assistant for this course in the Bachelor program of Psychology at KU Leuven. It encompasses coordinating, preparing (i.e., coming up with exercises, etc.), and teaching tutorial sessions, as well as marking duties.


  • Psychological Institute, Laboratory of Experimental Psychology, Tiensestraat 102 - box 3711, KU Leuven, Leuven, 3000, Belgium